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Free download Logitech Options for MacOS Latest offline Installer- Customize your logi device with Options.


Free Download Logitech Options, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a powerful and easy-to-use application that enhances your Logitech mice, keyboards, and touchpads. Customize your device with Options to achieve more faster.

Overview of Logitech Options for macOS

Specifically tailored for Logitech mice, keyboards, and touchpads. This dynamic application provides users a simple yet powerful means to personalize their devices, optimizing them for enhanced productivity. With an intuitive interface and a host of features ranging from customizable buttons to cross-computer control, it empowers users to mold their computing experience to align seamlessly with their unique preferences and work methodologies.

Features of Logitech Options for macOS

  • Customizable Buttons allow users to assign specific functions to their mouse and keyboard buttons. This feature enables a tailored experience, ensuring that each device aligns perfectly with individual workflow requirements.
  • Gesture Controls: For Logitech touchpad users, it introduces gesture controls that facilitate seamless navigation. Users can define gestures such as swipes, taps, and pinches to execute specific commands, streamlining their interaction with the device.
  • Bright Illumination includes smart illumination controls for compatible devices, enabling users to personalize backlighting settings. Users can create a visually pleasing and ergonomic workspace by adjusting brightness levels or choosing various colors.
  • Flow Cross-Computer Control: This innovative feature allows users to control multiple computers using a Logitech device. Seamlessly switch between devices, copy and paste content across different systems, and enhance overall workflow continuity.
  • Hyper-Fast Scrolling: It introduces hyper-fast scrolling for mice, allowing users to scroll through lengthy documents or web pages at remarkable speeds. This feature is especially beneficial for those who regularly work with extensive content.
  • Battery Management: Users can monitor and manage the battery life of their Logitech devices through the application. This feature helps users stay informed about their device's power status, ensuring uninterrupted usage and minimizing surprises.
  • Application-Specific Settings: It allows users to configure device settings based on specific applications. This ensures the device adapts to different software requirements, optimizing performance and user experience across various tasks.
  • Easy Firmware Updates: The application provides a streamlined process for updating firmware on Logitech devices. Users can easily ensure their machines have the latest features and improvements, enhancing overall functionality and compatibility.
  • Device-Specific Settings: It recognizes the diversity of Logitech devices and provides device-specific settings. This ensures that users can make the most of their Logitech mouse, keyboard, or touchpad's unique features.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The interface is designed with user convenience in mind. Intuitive controls and a straightforward layout make it easy for users to explore and customize their devices without any steep learning curve.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.15 or later


Q: Can I use it with all Logitech devices?
A: It is compatible with various Logitech mice, keyboards, and touchpads. However, checking the official Logitech website for the list of supported devices is essential.

Q: How often should I update the firmware?
A: It's advisable to periodically check for firmware updates to ensure your Logitech device has the latest features and improvements. However, frequent updates may not be necessary unless there are specific issues or new features you wish to utilize.


It is a game-changer for users who seek a personalized and efficient computing experience. With its array of customizable features, seamless cross-computer control, and user-friendly interface, Logitech Options takes Logitech devices to new heights. By investing in this tool, users can unlock the full potential of their Logitech peripherals and tailor them to match their unique needs, ultimately enhancing their productivity and workflow.


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