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Free download Krisp Desktop for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - AI-powered assistant noise cancelling for meetings and calls.

Free Download Krisp Desktop, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It cancels background noise and reduces echo during your calls, eliminating unwanted noise from both ends and ensuring crystal-clear communication every time.

Overview of Krisp Desktop for macOS

It is a powerful noise-canceling application, compatible with various communication platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and more. Whether working from a bustling coffee shop, a busy office, or the comfort of your home, Krisp ensures that background noise never interrupts your essential conversations.

You can bid farewell to the frustration of constantly asking others to repeat themselves or struggling to focus during meetings. This innovative app uses state-of-the-art AI technology to analyze and suppress background noise, providing a professional and distraction-free environment for all your virtual interactions.

Features of Krisp Desktop for macOS

  • Seamless Integration: It seamlessly integrates with your favorite communication apps, ensuring hassle-free usage without any additional setup required.
  • Two-Way Noise Cancellation: It cancels out background noise from your end and the other participants' audio, resulting in clear, uninterrupted conversations.
  • Customizable Settings: Tailor It to your specific needs with customizable settings, allowing you to adjust noise cancellation levels according to your environment.
  • Minimal Resource Consumption: Unlike other resource-intensive applications, It operates efficiently in the background without slowing down your MacOS device.
  • Privacy Protection: Your privacy is paramount. It ensures that only your voice is transmitted during calls, safeguarding sensitive information from background noise leakage.
  • Real-Time Noise Monitoring: Stay informed with real-time noise monitoring, which provides visual feedback on the noise levels being canceled during your calls.
  • Multi-Device Support: Enjoy the flexibility across multiple macOS devices, ensuring consistent noise cancellation wherever you go.
  • Offline Mode: Need to take a call without an internet connection? No problem. Its offline mode ensures that noise cancellation remains active even when you're offline.
  • Advanced AI Algorithms: It utilizes advanced AI algorithms to accurately distinguish between speech and background noise, delivering unparalleled noise cancellation performance.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.12 or later


In a world where remote communication has become the norm, This tool emerges as a lifesaver, ensuring clear and distraction-free conversations regardless of your surroundings. With its intuitive interface, advanced noise-canceling technology, and seamless integration with popular communication platforms, It revolutionizes how you communicate online.


Q: Can I use multiple communication platforms simultaneously?
A: Absolutely! It seamlessly integrates with various communication applications, allowing you to simultaneously use it with multiple platforms.

Q: Does It compromise audio quality?
A: Not at all. It utilizes advanced noise-canceling algorithms to preserve audio quality while eliminating background noise.

Q: How does It protect my privacy?
A: It ensures that only your voice is transmitted during calls, preventing background noise leakage and safeguarding your privacy.

Q: Can I adjust the noise cancellation settings?
A: It offers customizable settings, allowing you to adjust noise cancellation levels to suit your environment and preferences.


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