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Free download Jumsoft Money for MacOS Latest full version - Your sweetest accounting application.


Free Download Jumsoft Money - Expenses & Bills Planner is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a beautifully easy tool to keep track of your financial life.

Overview of Jumsoft Money for macOS

Take control of your finances with the sleek new Money app! Utilizing a vast Direct Downloads network, Money provides access to over 50,000 financial institution connections spanning 57 countries, simplifying managing your finances!

Easily oversee your accounts, create budgets and goals, effortlessly generate insightful reports, and schedule transactions - all updates will seamlessly synchronize across your devices via iCloud. Money seamlessly integrates with the latest Macs, iPads, or iPhones, showcasing cutting-edge features within an elegant and intuitive interface.

Features of Jumsoft Money for macOS

Convenient Tracking of Income and Expenses:

  • Manage various account types (bank, cash, credit card, loan, investment, etc.)
  • Support for multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies with automatic rate updates
  • Reconciliation of accounts and individual transactions
  • Automated payee and category recognition
  • Transfer and split payments
  • Easy tagging, note-taking, and attachment options

Effortless Budgeting and Savings Goals:

  • Advanced budget categories with customizable periods
  • Averaged amounts for setting realistic budget limits
  • Easy tracking of budget category progress
  • All expenses are accounted for, including unbudgeted items
  • Convenient budget tracking by accounts, transfers, and tags
  • Multiple Budgets: Manage your finances effortlessly by creating and tracking various budgets for different areas of your life.
  • Savings Goals: Plan for the future and achieve financial milestones by setting up savings goals within the app.

Intelligent Scheduler:

  • Intuitive scheduling of income, expenses, and transfers
  • Seamless management of recurring transactions such as utility bills or loan payments
  • Quick access to pending scheduled transactions
  • One-click payment capability
  • User-friendly calendar view for enhanced usability

Comprehensive Reporting:

  • Access to 15 different report types
  • Highly customizable parameters for tailoring reports to your needs
  • Beautiful visual data representation through colorful charts and graphs
  • Various report-sharing options

Investment Tracking:

  • Effortless tracking of profit and loss for your portfolio or individual stocks
  • Automatic downloads of dividends and stock splits
  • Real-time updates on values
  • Visual representation of current and historical portfolio and stock values
  • User-friendly stock addition and management with automatic data detection

iCloud Integration:

  • Simple and intuitive setup
  • Secure data synchronization across devices
  • An additional layer of security in case of device loss
  • Share and manage accounts with others

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or later


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