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Free Download Jibapps TrashMe 3.5.6 For MacOS Full Version - Latest Offline Installer - Clean your Mac and uninstall your apps.


Free Download Jibapps TrashMe full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a potent uninstaller with other useful tools to clean your Mac.

Overview of TrashMe for macOS

Are you tired of cluttered and disorganized files on your MacOS computer? Look no further than this program, the ultimate solution for clearing unwanted files and freeing up space on your hard drive. Have you ever thought that an application only needs to be moved to your Trash to get uninstalled? This is not entirely true, as many files would be left behind, those files created by the application (temporary files, caches, settings…).

Features of TrashMe for macOS

  • Quick and easy cleanup: With just a few clicks, it scans your computer for unnecessary files and allows you to delete them quickly and efficiently
  • Advanced scanning options: It offers the ability to scan specific file types and locations, giving you complete control over the cleanup process
  • Secure deletion: It uses advanced algorithms to delete files securely, ens
  • Customizable cleaning rules: Create your own cleaning rules to target specific types of files or file locations
  • Lightweight and efficient: It has a small footprint and will not slow down your computer while it runs

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.13 or later


Q: Can this recover deleted files?
A: No, this is a cleanup tool that permanently deletes files. Once a file is deleted with this, it cannot be recovered.

Q: Does this delete system files?
A: No, This is designed only to delete user-generated files. It will not delete any system files or files necessary for your computer's proper functioning.


It is the perfect tool for keeping your computer running smoothly and efficiently. Experience the benefits of a cleaner, more organized computer. During that, they cannot be recovered.

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File Name:TrashMe 3.5.5 fix macOS
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