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Free download Ji4n1ng OpenInTerminal for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - An easy-to-use finder toolbar App.


Free Download Ji4n1ng OpenInTerminal, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It streamlines workflow by seamlessly integrating Finder and Terminal, offering quick access, customization, and support for multiple terminals.

Overview of Ji4n1ng OpenInTerminal for macOS

It is a versatile Finder Toolbar app designed to enhance user productivity by bridging the gap between Finder's graphical interface and Terminal's command-line power. Seamless integration into the Finder Toolbar provides a direct pathway to popular terminals such as Terminal, iTerm, Hyper, and Alacrity. 

Offering features like customizable keyboard shortcuts, quick access to shell commands, and support for script execution, it delivers a user-friendly experience, promoting efficiency in navigating and interacting with directories. Its commitment to regular updates and compatibility with the evolving system environment solidifies its position as an indispensable tool for users seeking a harmonious blend of graphical and command-line interfaces.

Features of Ji4n1ng OpenInTerminal for macOS

  • Finder Toolbar Integration: Seamlessly integrates into the Finder Toolbar, providing quick and direct access to terminal functionalities without the need to navigate through complex menus.
  • Multiple Terminal Support: This utility caters to a diverse audience by supporting popular terminals such as Terminal, iTerm, Hyper, and Alacrity. Users can choose their preferred terminal application effortlessly.
  • Customizable Shortcut: Offer users the ability to set a customizable keyboard shortcut for quick access, saving time and keystrokes in their daily tasks.
  • Quick Access to Shell Commands: Run shell commands directly from the Finder. This feature enhances the versatility of the utility, bridging the gap between graphical and command-line interfaces.
  • Open as Root: Provides an "Open as Root" option, granting elevated privileges to perform administrative tasks seamlessly.
  • Accessible Preferences: Offers an array of preferences tailored to suit individual preferences, ensuring a personalized and comfortable user experience.
  • Support for Custom Terminals: Users can integrate their preferred Terminal seamlessly into their workflow.
  • Script Execution: Enhances automation by supporting script execution. Users can streamline repetitive tasks by integrating scripts directly into their workflow, making complex operations more manageable.
  • Dark Mode Support: Seamlessly integrates with the Dark Mode, ensuring a visually cohesive experience for users who prefer the darker side.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or later


Q: Can I customize the keyboard shortcut?
A: Absolutely! It allows users to set a custom keyboard shortcut, ensuring personalized and efficient access to terminal functionalities.

Q: Does it support third-party terminals?
A: Yes, it supports popular third-party terminals like iTerm, Hyper, and Alacrity and even allows users to integrate custom terminal applications.

Q: How often is the tool updated?
A: The development team is committed to regular updates, ensuring it stays current and aligned with the latest developments.


It is a game-changer for users who regularly navigate between Finder and Terminal. Its intuitive design, extensive feature set, and commitment to user satisfaction make it a must-have utility for those seeking seamless graphical and command-line interface integration. As a free and regularly updated tool, it stands as a testament to the dedication of developers to enhancing the experience for users across the globe.


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