International Space Station


Free Download International Space Station's latest standalone offline installer for macOS. This innovative software provides a realistic simulation of the International Space Station, allowing users to take on the role of an astronaut and engage in various missions and activities.

Overview of ‎International Space Station for macOS

‎It offers a realistic and immersive life simulation aboard the International Space Station. Users can take on the role of astronauts and experience daily life and activities in space. The software provides a detailed simulation of the ISS, allowing users to explore its various modules and perform multiple activities, from conducting experiments to performing spacewalks.

Features of ‎International Space Station for macOS

  • Realistic simulation of the International Space Station
  • Detailed graphics and animations
  • Multiple missions and activities to engage in
  • Ability to explore the various modules of the ISS
  • Realistic physics and space environment
  • Interactive training exercises
  • Real-time communication with mission control
  • Ability to customize your astronaut avatar
  • Educational content about space and the ISS
  • Exact coordinate position, speed, and elevation.
  • Circle the visibility area moving with the station.
  • Circle area of visibility moving with the station

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or later


Q: Can I explore the entire in the simulation?
A: Yes, you can explore all the modules and areas of the ISS in the simulation.

Q: Are there different missions and activities to complete?
A: Yes, the software offers a variety of missions and activities for users to engage in.

Q: Can I customize my astronaut avatar?
A: You can customize your astronaut avatar with different suits and accessories.

Q: Can I communicate with mission control in real time?
A: You can communicate with mission control in real time during missions.

Q: Is ‎this suitable for educational purposes?
A: It includes educational content about space and the ISS.


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