HY-Plugins HY-Slicer2 v1.1.0

Free Download HY-Plugins HY-Slicer2 full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a dynamic audio manipulation tool with 8 different slicer units.

Overview of HY-Plugins HY-Slicer2 for macOS

In the world of digital music production, creativity knows no bounds. And when it comes to adding unique twists to audio tracks, the HY-Slicer2 by HY-Plugins emerges as an indispensable tool. This advanced audio manipulation plugin offers various features that open new avenues for musicians, producers, and sound designers to experiment and innovate.

Features of HY-Plugins HY-Slicer2 for macOS

  • 8 slicer units
  • 5 sampler tracks
  • Built-in grid sequencer for triggering sliced samples
  • Step FX (4 multi-effect units)
  • Master FX (EQ, Compressor, Clipper)
  • Sample browser
  • MIDI Integration
  • Real-time Effects Processing
  • Seamless Looping

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or higher
  • Universal Binary 2 with native Apple M1 support
  • VST2, VST3, AU 64bit only


1. Can I use HY-Slicer2 with any DAW on macOS?
Yes, HY-Slicer2 supports AU and VST plugin formats, making it compatible with various digital audio workstations (DAWs) on macOS.

2. Is MIDI integration essential for using the plugin effectively?
While MIDI integration enhances the plugin's capabilities, it's not essential. You can still use HY-Slicer2 solely within your DAW without MIDI control.

3. Can I create my custom slices?
Absolutely. HY-Slicer2 allows users to manually define slice points, giving you full control over the audio segmentation.

4. Does HY-Slicer2 work in real-time?
Yes, the plugin performs real-time audio slicing and effects processing, providing instant feedback as you manipulate your audio.


HY-Plugins HY-Slicer2 is a testament to the boundless possibilities of audio manipulation in the digital age. With intuitive slicing, real-time effects processing, MIDI integration, and more, this macOS plugin empowers musicians, producers, and sound designers to explore uncharted sonic territories.


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