Exelban Stats 2.10.5


Free Download Exelban Stats, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It empowers users with a user-friendly interface and advanced statistical tools, making data analysis seamless and insightful.

Overview of Exelban Stats for macOS

It redefines statistical analysis with its powerful and intuitive platform. Designed to cater to users across various proficiency levels, this software combines a sleek interface with an extensive set of features, enabling comprehensive data exploration, visualization, and interpretation. The tool offers a streamlined user experience, making it indispensable for professionals, researchers, and data enthusiasts seeking efficiency and precision in their analytical endeavors.

Features of Exelban Stats for macOS

  • Advanced Data Visualization: Transform your data into compelling visualizations with advanced charting and graphing tools, aiding in insightful data interpretation.
  • Comprehensive Statistical Tools: From basic descriptive statistics to advanced inferential analysis, it provides a wide array of statistical tools for thoroughly examining your data.
  • Data Import and Export: Easily import data from various sources and export results effortlessly, supporting a seamless data manipulation and sharing workflow.
  • Time Series Analysis: Offers robust time series analysis tools, enabling effective trend identification and forecasting.
  • Robust Regression Analysis: Allows users to explore relationships between variables and make data-driven predictions.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Create dynamic and interactive dashboards to present your findings visually compellingly, enhancing communication of complex data insights.
  • Customizable Templates: Save time and streamline your analysis process with customizable templates tailored to your specific analytical needs.
  • Reliable Support and Updates: Provides dedicated customer support and regular updates to ensure the software's compatibility with the latest versions.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later


Q: Can I import data from external sources?
A: Absolutely, it supports easy data import from various sources, facilitating a seamless integration of external datasets.

Q: Can I perform multivariate analysis?
A: Absolutely; it supports multivariate analysis, allowing users to explore relationships among multiple variables simultaneously and uncover complex patterns in their data.

Q: What types of data visualization options does it support?
A: It provides a diverse range of data visualization options, including bar charts, scatter plots, histograms, and more. Users can customize these visualizations to represent their data patterns best.

Q: How do you show the CPU frequency?
A: The CPU frequency is available only on Intel-based Macs. You need to have installed Intel Power Gadget (IPG) for that. It allows the CPU frequency to be received from the IPG driver. There is no way to obtain a CPU frequency on Apple silicon Macs.


It is a testament to innovation in statistical analysis for users. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and seamless integration, this software empowers users to derive meaningful insights from their data, making it an indispensable tool for professionals, researchers, and anyone keen on unlocking the potential of their datasets.


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