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Free download Das Keyboard Q for MacOS Latest full version - Smart mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting.


Free Download Das Keyboard Q Software, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a powerful tool, offering a range of features to enhance your typing experience. With this software, you can customize your app to suit your preferences, whether you want to improve productivity, enhance gaming performance, or add a personal touch to your keyboard.

Overview of Das Keyboard Q Software for macOS

It provides users a seamless and intuitive interface, making it easy to customize their keyboard settings. The software allows you to assign different colors and effects to individual keys, creating a visually stunning, functional, and aesthetically pleasing keyboard layout. The app enhances productivity by displaying crucial information directly on the keyboard. Through its innovative Q software, these keyboards can show notifications (such as weather updates, stock quotes, project progress, CPU usage, etc.) in color on the keys, revolutionizing the way users interact with their keyboards.

Features of Das Keyboard Q Software for macOS

  • Customizable Key Lighting: Adjust the color and brightness of each key to create your unique keyboard layout.
  • Dynamic Lighting Effects: To add flair to your typing experience, choose from various dynamic lighting effects, such as waves, ripples, and breathing.
  • Key Mapping: Customize the function of each key to suit your needs, whether you're typing, gaming, or programming.
  • Macro Recording: Record and assign macros to specific keys, allowing quick and easy access to complex commands.
  • Gaming Mode: Activate gaming mode to turn off specific keys, such as the Windows key, to prevent accidental interruptions during gameplay.
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: It integrates with popular apps like Discord and OBS Studio, enhancing functionality.
  • Cloud Sync: Use the cloud sync feature to sync your keyboard settings across multiple devices, ensuring a consistent experience wherever you go.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The software features an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to customize their keyboard settings.
  • Regular Updates: It receives regular updates, ensuring users can access the latest features and improvements.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or later


Q: Does it support multiple keyboard layouts?
A: It supports multiple keyboard layouts, allowing users to customize their keyboard settings to suit their preferences.

Q: Is it easy to install?
A: Yes, it is easy to install and set up. The simple installation process guides you through the setup steps.

Q: Can I use it to customize the lighting effects on my keyboard?
A: Yes, It allows you to customize the lighting effects on your keyboard, including the color, brightness, and effects of each key.

Q: Does it require an internet connection to function?
A: No, It does not require an internet connection to function. However, an internet connection is required for software download and updates.

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