Condution Task Manager 1.2.1


Free Download Shabang Condution Task Manager is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It simplifies task management with a powerful yet user-friendly solution.

Overview of Condution Task Manager for macOS

It is a revolutionary electron app designed to transform task management into a seamless and efficient experience. Fueled by frustration with the complexity and expense of existing productivity software, it emerges as a beacon of simplicity, offering an intuitive interface, robust features like cross-platform sync and collaboration tools, and a commitment to streamlining workflows. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to task management, its robust yet accessible design ensures that staying organized and productive is achievable and delightful.

Features of Condution Task Manager for macOS

  • Your Favorite Task List: Create tasks, manage them in projects, add some tags, set due dates, and repeat them at will. It has the whole nine yards of the core list-making features nailed, so you can create and edit anything from grocery lists to hundred-task projects.
  • Collaborative Workspaces: Create and share "workspaces" by tapping the "personal workspace" badge on the upcoming view. These workspaces are coordinated Condution views in which everyone can collaborate regardless of their account.
  • Tag Weights: Tags are weighted! You can set a tag to be more "heavy" than others (say.. High Energy with a weight of 10, Low Energy with a weight of 0.5). These weight values will reflect across various parts of the interface (including a "loading bar" on projects) to give you an intuitive view of how "hard" something will be.
  • Due + Start Dates (and Times!): Every task is hidden until a specific time and precisely owing at a time, so you know your day can be managed according to your needs.
  • Sequential and Parallel Projects: Tasks blocked in a sequential project could be hidden and shown again when ready.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.12 or later


It is a beacon of simplicity and functionality in the crowded landscape of task management tools. Combining a user-friendly interface with powerful features makes it a versatile solution for individuals and teams seeking an efficient and accessible task management experience. Say goodbye to complexity and high costs – this tool brings a refreshing approach to task management, empowering users to enhance productivity without unnecessary complications.


Q: Can I use it offline?
A: Absolutely! It offers an offline mode, allowing users to manage tasks without an active internet connection.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of tasks I can create?
A: It does not impose strict limits on the number of tasks, providing flexibility for users with varying workloads.


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