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Free download Codeux Textual for MacOS Latest Full Version - Tool to interact with Internet Relay Chat (IRC).


Free download of Codeux Textual, a full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a popular application for interacting with Internet Relay Chat (IRC) chatrooms on macOS.

Overview of Codeux Textual for macOS

It is a well-crafted and versatile IRC client that ensures a native and intuitive user experience. The application is known for its attention to detail, sleek design, and features that cater to casual and power users in IRC. Textual protects your privacy by leveraging widely accepted, proven technologies such as Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) to ensure that the only people reading your conversations are those that you intend to.

Features of Codeux Textual for macOS

  • Multiple Server Support: You can connect to multiple IRC servers simultaneously, making it easy to participate in various channels and networks.
  • Modern Interface: It boasts a clean, modern, customizable interface that blends seamlessly with macOS aesthetics.
  • Powerful Scripting Support: It supports AppleScript and JavaScript for advanced users, enabling automation and customization of the client's behavior.
  • File Transfers: Easily send and receive files through DCC (Direct Client-to-Client) transfers, allowing efficient sharing of documents and media.
  • Inline Media Support: You can preview images, videos, and other media files directly in the chat, enhancing the overall communication experience.
  • Advanced Notification System: You can set notifications for specific keywords or phrases, ensuring you never miss important messages.
  • ZNC Bouncer Support: It seamlessly integrates with ZNC bouncers, providing persistent connections and message history.
  • Textual Logs: The client maintains detailed logs of your chat sessions, making it easy to review past conversations.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 11.0 or later


Q1: Does it support encryption?
A1: It supports secure connections using SSL/TLS for server connections and DCC transfers, ensuring your communication remains private and secure.

Q2: How do I customize its appearance?
A2: It provides a wide range of themes and settings for customization, allowing you to tailor the interface to your preferences.

Q3: Can I use it with multiple user identities or nicknames?
A3: It supports setting up multiple identities and nicknames, making it easy to switch between different personas when chatting on different IRC channels or networks.


A remarkable IRC client brings the world of Internet Relay Chat to macOS users with style and functionality. Its rich feature set, modern interface, and compatibility with multiple servers make it an excellent choice for those looking to engage in IRC conversations on their Mac computers.


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