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Free download CAPS Wizard for MacOS Latest full version - A Powerful tool to smartly prevent Caps Lock mishaps.


Free Download CAPS Wizard full version standalone offline installer for macOS. This tool visually showcases Caps Lock's status and offers warnings under user-defined conditions, ensuring a seamless and frustration-free typing experience.

Overview of CAPS Wizard for macOS

It is a utility tool meticulously crafted to address the common annoyance of unintentional Caps Lock activation. Its primary function is to provide users with a clear visual indicator of the Caps Lock status, reducing the likelihood of typing in all uppercase unintentionally. Additionally, the software offers customizable warnings to alert users when Caps Lock is activated, preventing the persistence of this issue.

Features of CAPS Wizard for macOS

  • Visual Indicators: It presents an intuitive visual display on the menu bar, making it easy for users to identify the Caps Lock status at a glance quickly. The menu bar icon changes color to signify whether Caps Lock is on or off.
  • Customizable Warnings: Users can set specific conditions under which it will issue warnings. This feature is particularly helpful for those who want to be alerted only in certain situations, such as entering passwords or typing in specific applications.
  • Sound Alerts: Besides visual indicators, it can produce sound alerts when Caps Lock is activated. This audio feedback serves as an extra layer of assurance, especially for users who may not be constantly monitoring their screens.
  • Sticky Key Support: For individuals who rely on Sticky Keys for typing, it seamlessly integrates with this accessibility feature, ensuring compatibility and a smooth user experience.
  • Multi-Monitor Support: For users with multiple monitors, it seamlessly extends its visual indicators to all connected displays. This ensures that Caps Lock status is easily visible, regardless of the number of monitors used.
  • Hotkey Configuration: Take control with customizable hotkeys. Users can define their preferred key combinations to toggle them on or off, providing a quick and convenient way to manage the utility.
  • Dark Mode Compatibility: It seamlessly integrates with the Dark Mode, ensuring its visual indicators are optimized for light and dark color schemes. This feature enhances user experience by adapting to the system-wide appearance settings.
  • Password Protection: Safeguard your settings with an optional password protection feature. This ensures that only authorized users can modify the application's configuration, adding an extra layer of security to your preferences.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or later


Q: Does it work with all applications?
A: It is designed to function across all applications and environments on your system, ensuring consistent performance.

Q: Can I turn off the sound alerts?
A: Absolutely. Users can turn off sound alerts in the settings, tailoring the experience to their preferences.


It is a testament to the power of thoughtful design in addressing common user frustrations. With its intuitive visual indicators, customizable warnings, and compatibility with Sticky Keys, this utility tool empowers users to take control of their typing experience. Say goodbye to accidental Caps Lock mishaps and embrace a more efficient and stress-free approach to typing.


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