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Battery Monitor 4.9 for MacOS Full Version Free download - FileCR

Free download Battery Monitor for MacOS Full version - The most essential prerequisite for a portable computer.


Free Download Marcel Bresink Battery Monitor full version standalone offline installer for macOS. The essential prerequisite for a portable computer is a chargeable battery that keeps the device powered.

Overview of Battery Monitor for macOS

If you’re a Mac user, you know how important it is to keep your battery life in check. Running out of battery can be a hassle on the go or at home when you have a screen that is not very wide. It can also show the estimated remaining run time in the Dock menu, even if you use an operating system that suppresses this information in the menu bar.

Features of Battery Monitor for macOS

  • Battery health status: A good battery monitor will show you the current health status of your battery and how long it can hold a charge
  • Battery life estimation: A battery monitor should be able to estimate how long your battery will last depending on the current usage
  • Charging status: A battery monitor should show you whether your battery is currently charging, and if so, how long until it is fully charged
  • Notification settings: A battery monitor should allow you to customize notifications for low battery levels, so you can take action before your battery runs out
  • Energy consumption monitoring: Some battery monitors can track which apps and processes are using the most energy so that you can adjust your usage accordingly

Technical Details and System Requirements

  •  macOS 10.14 or later
  •  Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


Q: How accurate are battery monitors?
A: It uses advanced algorithms to estimate battery life and health status, but the accuracy may vary depending on your usage and device settings.


It is an essential tool for keeping your device powered up and running. With features like battery health status, battery life estimation, charging status, notification settings, and energy consumption monitoring, you can be sure your device is always ready when needed. 


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