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Free download Astute Graphics for MacOS Latest full version - Real Vector Sketching in Adobe Illustrator.


Free Download Astute Graphics full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is the only tool that allows true vector sketching in Illustrator. Instinctively sketch with a live preview of your path, the variable width strokes being set by the pressure of your tablet, or the speed of your mouse.

Overview of Astute Graphics for macOS

Astute Graphics has long been a trusted name in the graphic design industry, known for its innovative tools and plugins that significantly enhance the capabilities of vector graphics software. With a particular focus on Adobe Illustrator, Astute Graphics offers a wide range of solutions that streamline workflows, boost productivity, and empower designers to create with precision and efficiency.

Plugins included in this version

  • AstuteBuddy
  • Autosavior
  • ColliderScribe
  • DirectPrefs
  • DynamicSketch
  • FindReplace
  • ink flow
  • Ink Quest
  • InkScribe
  • Mirror Me
  • Phantasm
  • Rasterino
  • Stipplism
  • style
  • Subscribe
  • Texturing
  • VectorFirstAid
  • VectorScribe
  • WidthScribe

Features of Astute Graphics for macOS

  • VectorScribe
    VectorScribe is an indispensable tool for anyone working with vector graphics. It offers precision-oriented tools such as dynamic shapes, smart guides, and enhancements to enhance path editing. With VectorScribe, designers can achieve greater control over anchor points and paths, resulting in smoother and more accurate designs.
  • DynamicSketch
    DynamicSketch brings a natural and intuitive sketching experience to Adobe Illustrator. It simulates the organic feeling of sketching on paper by adjusting the brush stroke dynamically based on the user's input. This feature is a game-changer for artists seeking to retain the spontaneity of hand-drawn illustrations within a digital environment.
  • InkScribe
    InkScribe takes the hassle out of working with Bézier curves by introducing intuitive handles and tools that simplify the creation and manipulation of paths. This feature is especially helpful for those new to vector design, as it reduces the learning curve associated with precise path editing.
  • Phantasm
    Phantasm adds advanced color adjustment and manipulation options directly within Adobe Illustrator. Designers can adjust hues, saturation, and brightness and even apply halftone effects with ease, all while maintaining the vector integrity of their artwork.
  • WidthScribe
    WidthScribe empowers designers to add variable-width strokes to their vector paths, resulting in dynamic and expressive linework. It offers fine-tuned control over stroke width adjustments, helping to create eye-catching designs that stand out.
  • Subscribe
    In Adobe Illustrator, subScribe simplifies creating and editing circles, lines, and tangents. It assists in maintaining geometric precision, making it an invaluable tool for technical illustrations and diagrams.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2022-2023
  • MacOS 10.15 or later
  • Intel 64-bit CPU


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