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Free download Arq Backup for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - Quickly and securely back up your files.


Free Download Arq Backup, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It empowers users with seamless, secure, and customizable data protection, putting them in control of their valuable files.

Overview of Arq Backup for macOS

It empowers users with efficient and secure data backup capabilities. With a focus on user control, it allows flexible selection of backup sources, seamless integration with popular cloud services, robust client-side encryption, and features such as versioning control, scheduling options, and bandwidth management. Its intuitive interface and commitment to data security make it a comprehensive choice for users seeking a reliable and user-centric backup solution for their devices.

Features of Arq Backup for macOS

  • Flexible Backup Sources: Allows users to select and backup files from various sources, whether your entire system, specific folders, or external drives. This flexibility ensures users can tailor their backups to suit their unique needs.
  • Cloud Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with popular cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Glacier, Google Cloud Storage, and others. This allows users to leverage the scalability and accessibility of cloud solutions for their backup needs.
  • Client-Side Encryption: With client-side encryption, your files are encrypted on your device before being transmitted to the cloud, providing additional protection against unauthorized access.
  • Versioning Control: Offers versioning control, allowing users to restore previous versions of their files, ensuring peace of mind even in the face of unintended changes.
  • Scheduling Options: Users can customize backup schedules to match their preferences. Whether hourly, daily, or on a specific day of the week, it provides the flexibility to create a backup routine that fits seamlessly into your workflow.
  • Bandwidth Control: Understands the importance of bandwidth management. With configurable bandwidth limits, users can ensure backups run smoothly without impacting their internet usage during critical hours.
  • Email Notifications: Stay informed about the status of your backups with email notifications. It keeps you updated on the success or any issues encountered during the backup process, allowing for prompt action when necessary.
  • Deduplication and Compression: Optimizes storage space by employing deduplication and compression techniques. This ensures efficient use of cloud storage and reduces the overall cost of maintaining backups over time.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or later


It is a powerful ally in data protection, offering a user-centric backup approach. Its rich feature set, security measures, and compatibility provide a comprehensive solution for users who seek control over their data, ensuring peace of mind in an era where digital information is paramount.


Q: How secure is my data?
A: It employs client-side encryption, ensuring that your data is encrypted on your device before transmission, adding an extra layer of security.

Q: Can I customize the frequency of backups?
A: Yes, it provides flexible scheduling options, allowing users to customize the frequency of backups based on their preferences, whether it's hourly, daily, or on specific days.

Q: Is it suitable for large files and folders?
A: Absolutely. It is well-suited for large files and folders, and its deduplication and compression features optimize storage efficiency, making it an ideal solution for users dealing with substantial amounts of data.


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