Free Download Araelium Querious full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It can view, search, edit, import, export, build, configure, and monitor your MySQL and compatible databases easier than ever before.

Overview of Querious for macOS

It's easier than ever to view, search, edit, import, export, build, configure, and monitor your MySQL and comparable databases. It is a full-featured, speedy, and macOS-only program that feels and functions precisely like a Mac app should.

Create a multi-condition filter to find the records you're looking for quickly. You can even replicate the SELECT statement that results. Values can be edited as text, JSON (complete with syntax validation and coloring), binary, or even a simple checkbox for "boolean" columns like "tinyint (1)".

Other database systems may have a competent editor for displaying table contents and querying but failing to handle other objects completely. It goes above and beyond, giving you editors for all of your needs.

Features of Querious for macOS

  • Convenient Filtering
  • JSON, Binary, Checkboxes
  • Foreign Keys
  • Avoid Writing Queries
  • Editors for ALL Types - Complete interfaces for defining and editing table columns, indexes, primary and foreign keys, triggers, events, functions, and procedures. It doesn't simply stop at table contents.
  • A MySQL Assistant
  • Call Functions & Procedures
    Triggers: Set up SQL code to run before or after any insert/update/deletion occurs in a table.
  • Events: Events are SQL code scheduled to run at a specific time or on a reoccurring interval.
  • Custom Querying
  • Server Management
  • Table Relationships
  • Database Structure Comparison
  • Data File Editor - Edit CSV and Tab files easier than ever

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Querious 3.3 U2B macOS
File Name:Querious 3.2 U2B macOS
File Name:Querious 3.1.4 U2B macOS


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