Aescripts AE Global Renamer 2.3.8 for After Effects

Aescripts AE Global Renamer for After Effects for MacOS Download (Latest 2024) - FileCR

Free download Aescripts AE Global Renamer for After Effects for MacOS Latest full version - Bulk rename anything in After Effects.

Free Download Aescripts AE Global Renamer for After Effects full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It rename items project wide in After Effects with as much ease or power as you want.

Overview of Mac Aescripts AE Global Renamer for After Effects

If you're an After Effects user on macOS, you know that managing and organizing your project files can be a daunting task. With countless assets, compositions, and layers to keep track of, it's easy for your project to become a tangled mess. This powerful extension simplifies renaming, managing, and organizing your project files, saving time and ensuring a more efficient workflow.

Features of Mac Aescripts AE Global Renamer for After Effects

  • Super tiny UI, dock it anywhere!
  • Save to presets
  • Unlimited Search/Replace pairs
  • Add Suffix and Prefix
  • Replace all at once or one item at a time
  • Incremental numbering with padding option
  • Option to only rename duplicates
  • Option to use Regular Expressions (Regex)

Rename anything!

  • Project panel item names
  • Layer names
  • Effect names
  • Text in Text Layers
  • Layer and Comp Marker
  • Expressions
  • Property names and children (Masks, Puppet Pins, Shape Layer properties, etc)
  • Render queue footage paths

Special replace keywords:

  • [layername] - will insert the layer name
  • [layerindex] - will insert the layer index. Tip: adding zeroes will pad [000layerindex] = 001,002,etc
  • [layercomment] - will insert the layer comment
  • [layer#name] - will insert the name of the layer # indicated. To insert the name of layer 5: [layer5name]
  • [compname] - will insert the comp name
  • [projectname] - will insert the project name
  • [date: E MMM dd, yyyy hh: mm a] - will insert the current date and time; this field uses the date function, which can be
  • further customized. Please refer to their documentation for further reference: Date Formatting
  • [num=##,inc=##] - will insert a sequential padded number and increment by the optional inc, numbers can be negative, add leading zeros to pad.
  • For example: [num=005,inc=-10] will start numbering at 15 and increase (decrease really) by -10 with 3 number padding: 015, 005, -005, etc

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.9 and later
  • Adobe After Effects: CC 2015 or later


It is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your workflow by simplifying file management and organization. Whether you're working on a large-scale project or want to streamline your workflow, AE Global Renamer is a valuable addition to your After Effects toolkit. Give it a try and experience the time-saving benefits for yourself.


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