Free download Udemy Ultimate Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint for All Levels, If you need to up-skill for your job or looking to land one, then this PowerPoint training will get you there, Created by Jed Guinto.

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One of the most common problems with online learning content is that there is so much of it now and it’s difficult to know where to start or who to turn to. Many go the YouTube route and piece together videos from hundreds of tutorials from hundreds of tutors hoping to become an expert at the end of it all. This simply won’t happen and will just waste your time.

Many take the route you’re about to take, they decide to enroll in an online training course. Many charge hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for their courses which is simply unaffordable for university students, recent graduates, the unemployed or those looking for a career change.

This course will show you:

  • All basic elements of PowerPoint slide design
  • Image Control and Manipulation, Artistic Effects, Shapes and SmartArt
  • How to help yourself when you encounter a specific problem
  • Standard Printing, PDF Printing Options, Email and Sharing
  • Quick Access Toolbar Setup, Productivity Techniques and Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Slides Transitions, Object Animations and Complete Effect Customization
  • Post Review Functions including Spell Checking, Thesaurus, Researching, Window Duplication and Password Protection Protocols
  • Video Uploading from your Computer and YouTube, Video Trimming, Audio Recordings and Screen Casting
  • Presentations Do’s and Don’ts which teaches you Slide Design and Structure, Sequencing, Logistics and Communication Tips
  • Table Design, Object Linking and Excel Connections
  • Complete Chart Design including Elements, Styling and Control
  • Header and Footer Design for Document Tracking
  • Master Views for Template Control

Who this course is for

  • This course has content for all levels. It has been designed to take you from complete beginner to mastery
  • People from any country
  • People of all ages
  • Professionals who work in teams


  • Paper and pen to take notes
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or later to generate table data for some sections
  • Access to a computer and Internet
  • No prior knowledge required

What you’ll learn

  • Complete startup and design of a presentation in the first section so you can use it immediately
  • Design Themes
  • AutoSaving Features for Safeguarding
  • Image styling and artistic effects
  • Template Customization and Creation
  • Font and Paragraph formatting
  • How to get FREE templates
  • How to upload videos
  • Do’s and Don’t of Presenting
  • Quick Access Toolbar and Productivity Training via Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Transitions and Animations – Delay and Click Activated
  • Table Construction and Formatting
  • Chart Design using PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel Chart Import
  • Review Functions
  • Master Views and Whole Template Quick Editing
  • Header and Footer Customization
  • Printing Layout Options
  • Document Emailing and Sharing