Free download Udemy The ART of Attraction, Learn how to attract men and increase sex drive through erotic art, creativity, positive psychology, meditation, Created by Elena Davydkina.

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Learn about sexuality and how to discover inner sexiness.

Use art&creativity to increase sex drive.

Become more seductive through the secrets of seduction.

Learn how to cultivate positive emotions and meditate.

Real beauty isn’t about weight or measurements. There is something so sexy about a woman who is funny, witty, educated, who can support a conversation on any topic including business, politics and sport

This course contains 23 lectures with two assignments putting your new knowledge into practice.

The course will walk you through the topics of what makes a woman sexy, Sigmund Freud’s life and death instincts, how your mindset influences your sexual well-being, sexuality in art, secrets of seduction, increasing your sexual drive.

You will learn how to use art&creativity to boost your libido as well as to hook a man in the various environment like social media. You will learn how important it is to cultivate positive emotions and meditate to have a positive and healthy sexual mindset.

You will walk away from the course with gaining more confidence how to become sexy and attract men.

Who this course is for

  • If you want to attract men
  • If you want to become more seductive&sexy
  • If you have problems with libido and want to boost your sex drive
  • If you want to hook a man in the social media or other environment
  • If you are interested in positivity&meditations
  • if you feel negative, depressive
  • If you feel stuck and need new insights


  • You should be ready to download meditation audio (mp3). You should have an interest in developing a positive, healthy sexual mindset. Being flexible and having an open heart. Be ready to make assignments to feel engaged.

What you’ll learn

  • You will gain a deeper insight into the traits that make a woman sexy
  • You will learn how your mindset influences your sexual well-being
  • You will learn about sexuality in art
  • You will be able to become more seductive
  • You will spark your creativity through making a sensual nude art portfolio
  • You will gain ideas how to develop a positive mindset
  • You will boost your libido with help of the guided meditation practice