The MagPi – Issue 95, July 2020

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Description of The MagPi

Everybody has to start somewhere, and there's nowhere better than The MagPi. This magazine, like every issue, is packed with great tutorials and projects for the absolute newbie.

If that sounds like you, stop reading now and head over to our Scratch 3 tutorial (page 40). In it, Sean McManus will show you how to code with the latest version of the ultra-friendly visual coding tool.

Right! Everybody else. There comes a point where every Raspberry Pi owner wants to get their teeth into something with more bite.

A bigol' project that needs time, tools, and tenacity. So, this month our lead feature is Powerful Projects for Raspberry Pi.

Some of the tools and techniques shown in The MagPi magazine are dangerous unless used with skill, experience, and appropriate personal protection equipment.

While we attempt to guide the reader, ultimatly you are responsible for your own safety and understanding the limits of yourself and your equipment.

You can turn Raspberry Pi into a desktop computer, learn to code, play with electronics, and make handy household devices such as voice assistants and kitchen gadgets.

And you can build a media player (page 31). It’s obvious when you think about it: Raspberry Pi is small, quiet and powerful, it connects to a screen using HDMI (perfect for televisions), and is packed with wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity – ideal for streaming media and channel surfing from a wireless controller.

In recent issues, we’ve looked a lot at Raspberry Pi 4. With its super￾fast PU and an amazing amount of RAM, it’s the best computer we’ve ever used. But one small feature also makes it the best media playback device, and that’s 4K.

Hook a Raspberry Pi 4 up to a 4K monitor and you can immediately start streaming and playing your high-quality video.And that’s on top of photo, music, and audiobook playback.

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May 28th 2020
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