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Description of The Complete Python Manual

It’s always worth looking at the common pitfalls of coding before you start hitting away at the keyboard;after all, bad habits are often formed at the start of a process. if you’re aware of how to structure your code before you begin, then you will learn to avoid most of the mistakes that usually accompany poorly developed code.

This section starts your coding journey by examining those common mistakes, as well as investigating where your coding skills can take you as your experience grows. There are many different programming languages available to learn and use.

Some are terrifically complex and incredibly powerful, while some are extremely basic and used as minor utilities for the operating system. Python sits somewhere in the middle, combining ease of use with a generous helping of power, allowing the user to create projects ranging from minor utilities through to great games and performance-heavy computational tasks.

You can learn Python with very little hardware or initial financial investment. You don’t need an incredibly powerful computer and any software that’s required is freely available.