Free download The Complete iPhone iOS 13 Manual – VOL 28. Issue 1, 2019 by BDM Publications. English | 162 pages | PDF

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iOS 13 is here, and it’s looking great. We’ve been hard at work checking out how to use all its key features and enhancements, and this tips-packed guidebook to iOS 13, your iPhone, and what you can do with them, is the result.

We instruct you on updating to the new operating system, setting up your iPhone for the first time and using it for entertanment, productivity and more, but ultimately, how to get the most from all the new features and revised apps iOS 13 brings. It’s all in The Complete iOS 13 iPhone Manual.

Apple regularly updates the iPhone’s iOS operating system. The latest update, iOS 13, brings with it a wealth of new features. In this section, we take a look at them, what they do, and how they work.

We also explore three of the new operating system’s most significant new features. Dark Mode comes to iOS for the first time, and darkens the screen system-wide.

Sign in the Apple is a great alternative to using Facebook or Google, and Voice Control is a new Accessibility feature.

iOS 13 is the latest version of the iPhone’s operating system. When you’ve upgraded your iPhone to iOS 13, you have a huge rang of exciting new features at your disposal, as well as a performance upgrade.