Free download Photoshop Tips, Tricks & Fixes Work faster and smarter in Photoshop. English | 206 pages | PDF.

You can also FREE download Teach Yourself Photoshop, 8th Edition 2019


Master the ultimate image-editing techniques in this independent guide to Adobe Photoshop. Discover the very best that photoshop CC, CS & Elements have to offer.

In this edition of photoshop, learn the full spectrum of what Photoshop can help you achieve – from simple photo edits through to fully realised and rendered artworks. And, put your newly acquired skills to the test with a host of free assets that come with this handbook, including fonts, stock images, and over three hours of video tuition!


  • Everything you need to get the most from Adobe photoshop!
  • 164 pages of Step-by-step Guides
  • 100’s of essential Photoshop tips & tricks
  • Master the core Photoshop features
  • Written by Photoshop experts, in plain English

What you will learn

  • Fix Common Photo problems
  • Master brushes, filters and the pen tool
  • Learn about photoshops key tools
  • 125 Out of this world Photoshop tips
  • Customise your photographs
  • Learn to use layers, filters and more
  • Discover adjustments and essential tools
  • Get to grips with blend modes