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Description of Photoshop Elements Manual

Photoshop Elements is a great option for those who want an extensive toolset that can take on their image editing and cataloguing needs. From organising your content into coherent and easy-to-find folders, to making your photos look amazing with automated edits and getting hands-on in Expert mode, this manual will take you through the processes in easy-to-follow steps.

Elements is a photo editor and organiser that gives you the control to find, catalogue, edit and share your favourite images effortlessly. It is very likely that in this digital age, the number of photos you have on your computer is vast.

It is very easy to take photos and deposit them on your computer and never look at them again. It is also likely that you have photos that you really like but that might be underexposed, badly lit; or could be improved if you were able to remove an annoying background distraction.

You may even want to cut your subject out, put it into another scene entirely and create a new look for an image. If you’ve ever wanted to do more with your photo collection but didn’t need the advanced power of Adobe Photoshop CC, then Elements is for you.