Photo Editing Tips, Tricks & Fixes – Vol 17, 2019

Free download Photo Editing Tips, Tricks & Fixes by BDM Publications. Laest and back issues. English | 164 Pages | PDF

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Description of Photo Editing Tips, Tricks & Fixes

If you are relatively new to Photoshop, all of its features, tools and associated jargon may appear quite complex and off-putting. The aim of this guide is to help you discover just how powerful Photoshop is and show you that it is not as daunting as you might imagine. More and more people are learning how to develop their photo editing skills and you can be one of them.

It show you the fundamental tools and techniques that will get you up and running in Photoshop; there are simple guides to the main principles of using layer-based photo editing and digital manipulation. Through a series of introductory tutorials that hone your techniques with the basic menu system, keyboard short-cuts and core features, you will become familiar with how Photoshop works.

Whether you are simply altering the brightness of a favourite photograph or creating brand new works of art, the features and tools available give you the kind of creative scope that is only limited by your imagination.


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