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PCWorld got an advance look at these concepts ahead of their announcement at CES in Las Vegas. Because they’re concepts, we don’t know whether they’ll ever make it to market.

So think of them as hints of what Dell’s working on for future PCs, and who knows—you may see something like it someday at your local electronics store.

It’s a single display that folds in the middle, offering options for using it as a display, a tablet, or a clamshell laptop. A small Bluetooth keyboard would likely come with it for maximum versatility.

The Bluetooth keyboard can be used separately, or it can stick to one of the displays to act more like a regular laptop. You can even create an onscreen trackpad below the keyboard when it’s stuck to the display.

It is basically a mini-PC-in-a-mini-PC that revolves around a replaceable Intel Computer Element card stocked with the mobile CPU, RAM, chipset, and storage.

There’s PCIe x4 and x16 slots next to the Compute Element, too, ready to accept discrete graphics and storage add-in cards—handy preparation for when Xe launches later.