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Description of Maximum PC

Windows has a sordid history of filling up with dross, eventually slowing down to the point of being unusable, and hidingdata andsettings inthe obscurest of places to make sorting it all out an unappetizing proposition.

Reinstalling Windows can be frustrating, timeconsuming, and flawed. It can leave you in driver hell, and may not even fix the very thing that forced you to reinstall. Such experiences are rare now, though.

Things have changed. A lot. And mostly for the better. Still, if you’ve been using your PC for a long time, there’s a good chance that the thought of reinstalling Windows will have your anxious twitches coming back. To be fair, there are still lots of programs that misbehave enough to make such activities daunting.

There’s also the question of whether you should have to reinstall Windows, as surely it’s getting better at sorting out its own foibles? It is, but we haven’t quite reached OS nirvana yet—there are still times when reinstalling is the best option.

One time you will want to reach for your trusty USB drive and the Windows Media Creation Tool is when you’re building a new PC, and while we often refer to PCPartPicker, it isn’t the only system-building assistant. This issue, we explore other options, and tell you why and when you should consider them for specific builds.