Free download Java Software Solutions, 9th edition by John Lewis & William Loftus. Published by Pearson. Empowers students to write useful, object-oriented programs. English | 1709 Pages | PDF | ISBN: 9780134462028

You can also FREE download Fundamentals of Software Architecture by Mark Richards

Description of Java Software Solutions

Java Software Solutions establishes a strong foundation of programming techniques to foster well-designed object-oriented software.

Heralded for its integration of small and large real-world examples, the worldwide best-selling text emphasizes problem-solving and design skills and introduces students to the process of constructing high-quality software systems.

This book features a sweeping overhaul of Graphics Track coverage, to fully embrace the JavaFX API.

This fresh approach enriches programmers’ understandings of core object-oriented principles.

The text uses a natural progression of concepts, focusing on the use of objects before teaching how to write them–equipping students with the knowledge and skill they need to design true object-oriented solutions.

There are two exciting aspects to embracing JavaFX. First, it provides a much cleaner approach to GUI development than Swing did. Equivalent programs using JavaFX are shorter and more easily understood.

Second, the JavaFX approach embraces core object-oriented principles better than Swing did. For example, all graphic shapes are represented by classes with fundamental data elements, such as a Circle class with a radius.