Free download gRPC: Up and Running: Building Cloud Native Applications with Go and Java for Docker and Kubernetes by Kasun Indrasiri & Danesh Kuruppu. Published by O Reilly Media. English | 204 Pages | EPUB | ISBN: 978-1492058335

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Description of gRPC: Up and Running

Get a comprehensive understanding of gRPC fundamentals through real-world examples. With this practical guide, you’ll learn how this high-performance interprocess communication protocol is capable of connecting polyglot services in microservices architecture, while providing a rich framework for defining service contracts and data types.

Complete with hands-on examples written in Go, Java, Node, and Python, this book also covers the essential techniques and best practices to use gRPC in production systems.

Authors Kasun Indrasiri and Danesh Kuruppu discuss the importance of gRPC in the context of microservices development.

gRPC is a modern inter-process communication style based on high-performance RPCs (remote procedure calls) for building distributed applications and microservices.

The book is most directly relevant to developers who are building distributed applications and microservices using different inter-process communication technologies.

When it comes to building such applications and services, developers need to learn the fundamentals of gRPC, when and how to use it for inter-service communication, best practices for running gRPC services in production, and so on.