Free download BDM’s Series: The Complete Coding Manual Vol.31 + 17 2019, Complete PDF Magazine, Master coding and unlock your programming potential!

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Overview of The Complete Coding Manual

It’s time to engineer your future! Learn to code and not only will you discover an incredible world of innovation, you will also be able to master your digital environment. Coding is fast becoming one of the most sought-after skills of the modern workplace and with a little knowledge, you can help improve your current employment prospects or even secure your dream job.

It’s not just about future-proofing your career, though. Through learning to code you can gain a better understanding of how a computer, or even the Internet, works. Code is everywhere, it’s used to program your smart TV, it’s in your kitchen appliances and your car, in fact it controls almost every aspect of your life, so having the basic skills of coding will enhance your daily digital activities.

Features of the magazine

  • Over 190 pages, packed with tutorials
  • Free Download – 21 programs for python
  • Learn the latest version of Python
  • Featuring FUZE BASIC and Linux Scripting
  • Start learning C++, for better coding