Water Garden Live Wallpaper v1.83

Free Download Water Garden Live Wallpaper Unlocked MOD Version Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is used to turn your mobile screen into an ultra-realistic water pond.

Overview of Water Garden Live Wallpaper Unlocked APK for Android

This Application is a unique 3D live wallpaper that instantly reshapes your mobile screen into a lovely, ultra-realistic water pond full of spiritual koi fish!

Use finger gestures to create stunning, velvet, smooth water ripples and waves that are unbelievably true! Watch adorable koi fish happily exploring your pond! Feed or tease these naughty koi fish with your fingers to make them happier.

Choose among a rich set of fantastic natural scenes. Almost every pixel has been polished deliberately just for your amusement! A store full of magic items and advanced features makes it possible to personalize your water garden in any way you'd like.

Features of the App

  • Top-class water ripple effects at nearly no cost of extra power loss. Behind this is a blazing fast c++ engine designed purely for water simulation, built from scratch
  • Koi fish bodies are made of accurate 3D models; that's the only way to build expressive koi animations and subtle koi motions
  • High-definition graphics maintain the high visual quality on both small displays like phones and large displays like TVs

previous version

Additional info
Sep 20th 2022
File Name: Water Garden Live Wallpaper v1.82
Version: 1.82
License: Full_version
Aug 1st 2022
File Name: Water Garden Live Wallpaper v1.81
Version: 1.81
License: Full_version


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