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Free download Vimu Media Player for TV 10.70 MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones. APK (Paid).


Free Download Vimu Media Player for TV Paid MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a free video playback and listening application. You can edit and refer to the available videos to edit them more optimally.

Overview of Vimu Media Player for TV Paid APK for Android

It is an Android app tailored to provide a delightful media playback experience on your Android TV, ensuring your entertainment is hassle-free and optimized for the big screen. With an intuitive interface and versatile features, this app takes your media consumption to the next level.

Features of Vimu Media Player for TV

One-Minute Setup

Gone are the days of complicated setups. Vimu Media Player for TV ensures you're up and running within minutes so you can dive into your favorite content.

Optimized for TV

The app's design and functionality are perfectly tailored for TV screens, offering a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

Wide File Format Support

THIS MEDIA PLAYER SUPPORTS MANY COMMON FILE FORMATS, from MKV and AVI to MP4, ensuring you can play your content without hassle.

High-Quality Hardware Decoding

Experience the best media quality with hardware decoding up to 4k (HEVC/VP9) on compatible Android TV devices.

Navigation Made Easy

You can choose between grid, list, and double list navigation options, which will allow you to easily find and enjoy your content.

UPnP Renderer (DLNA Push)

Turn your Android TV into a UPnP Renderer, enabling seamless content sharing and playback from compatible devices.

Leanback UI for Android TV

Enjoy a simple and fast Leanback UI designed specifically for Android TV, making navigation a breeze.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

For devices running Android 7.0 and above, the app supports Android TV's Picture-in-Picture mode, enhancing multitasking capabilities.

Versatile Playback Options

This app can handle your media, whether it's stored internally, on SD cards, USB drives, Windows shares (SMB), UPnP/DLNA servers, WebDAV servers, or NFS servers.

Multilingual Support

Seamlessly switch between audio tracks in multilingual files, enhancing your viewing experience.

Subtitle Support

The app supports various subtitle formats, including external SRT subtitles and embedded formats like MKV, MP4, SSA/ASS, SRT, DVBSub, and VOBSub.

M3U Playlists

Organize and enjoy your media with M3U playlist support.

Streaming Capabilities

Stream content from HTTP/HTTPS sources via progressive download, ensuring smooth playback even from online sources.


Vimu Media Player for TV stands out with its exceptional features and user-friendly design. It transforms your Android TV into a powerful entertainment hub, ensuring your media playback experience is seamless, versatile, and optimized for the big screen. Say goodbye to complicated setups and limited format support—Vimu Media Player for TV is your one-stop solution for all your media needs.


Q: Can I use this app on my Android phone?
A: No, this app is specifically designed for Android TV devices.

Q: How do I switch between different audio tracks?
A: Navigate to the audio options while playing a video and select the desired track.

Q: Can I stream content from online sources?
A: The app supports streaming (progressive download) from HTTP/HTTPS sources.

Q: Is subtitle support available for all formats?
A: The app supports external SRT subtitles and embedded formats like MKV, MP4, SSA/ASS, SRT, DVBSub, and VOBSub.

Q: What devices support hardware decoding up to 4k?
A: This feature can be used on compatible Android TV devices with HEVC/VP9 support.

Q: How do I set up the UPnP Renderer (DLNA Push)?
A: Check the app's settings or documentation for instructions on enabling this feature.

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