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Free Download Temp Mail - Temporary Email Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It offers you a convenient and efficient solution to safeguard your personal information. 

Overview of Temp Mail - Temporary Email Premium APK for Android 

Temp-Mail is an Android app that instantly generates disposable temporary email addresses, which can be used for various online activities without revealing your real email address. This app operates in the style of a 10-minute mail, ensuring anonymity and privacy while preventing spam and unwanted emails from cluttering your primary inbox. Whether you need a temporary email for online registrations, verification purposes, or to receive attachments securely, Temp-Mail has you covered.

Features of the App

  • Hide Yourself from Spam: Temp-Mail shields you from the constant barrage of spam and unwanted emails by providing you with a temporary email address.
  • No Registration Required: Unlike many email services, Temp-Mail requires no registration or personal information, ensuring complete anonymity.
  • Generate Temporary Disposable Email: Create disposable email addresses on the fly, each lasting for a specific duration.
  • Protect Your Privacy: Keep your inbox safe from spam and potential threats by using Temp-Mail.
  • Receive Multiple or Single Attachments: Temp-Mail allows you to receive emails with attachments, including photos and documents, which can be downloaded directly from your temporary inbox.
  • Secure Deletion: Emails received through Temp-Mail are permanently deleted after a specified period, ensuring that your temporary email history remains private.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: With Temp-Mail, you can effortlessly:
  1. Generate a new email address instantly
  2. Copy email addresses to the clipboard or use QR codes for quick sharing
  3. Receive emails and attachments automatically
  4. Get push notifications for new emails
  5. Read incoming emails, including attachments
  6. Download email sources (EML) along with attachments
  7. Quickly delete and generate new email addresses
  8. Customize email names
  9. Create multiple mailboxes
  10. Access your emails within the app itself

System Requirements

  • Android 6.0+


In a world where online privacy and security are paramount, Temp-Mail for Android offers a reliable and user-friendly solution to protect your personal information. By providing temporary disposable email addresses, Temp-Mail ensures that your real inbox remains free from spam and unwanted emails. Its feature-rich design, convenience, and accessibility make it a must-have app for anyone concerned about safeguarding their online presence. So, download Temp-Mail today and take control of your email privacy on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I send emails using Temp-Mail?
A1. No, Temp-Mail is designed for receiving emails only and does not support sending emails.

Q2. Is my data safe when using Temp-Mail?
A2. Temp-Mail prioritizes user privacy and does not collect personal information. However, please exercise caution and avoid using temporary emails for registering important accounts or receiving sensitive data.

Q3. How long are emails stored in Temp-Mail?
A3. Emails are stored for a limited period, typically 1-2 hours, and the domains used may change. Temp-Mail cannot restore emails or domains once they are removed.

Previous version

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File Name:Temp Mail - Temporary Email v3.36


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