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Free download Stop Motion Studio Pro 7.5.1 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. Make stunning stop-motion videos easily.


Free Download Stop Motion Studio Paid MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Offers a wealth of features that make it simple for anyone to bring their imaginative visions to life. You have the power to create your mesmerizing stop-motion masterpieces. 

Overview of Stop Motion Studio Paid APK for Android

Stop Motion Studio is a comprehensive movie editor designed to make stop-motion animation accessible to everyone. Its intuitive interface ensures that even beginners can quickly grasp the basics of animation, while its advanced features cater to the needs of seasoned animators. Whether you want to tell a captivating story, experiment with visual effects, or have fun creating animations, this app is the perfect tool.

Features of the App

  • User-Friendly Interface: Stop Motion Studio Pro boasts a simplistic, easy-to-use interface that ensures a smooth and enjoyable animation process.
  • Overlay Mode: The app includes an overlay mode that displays the differences between frames, making it easier to ensure smooth transitions in your animations.
  • Animation Guides: Positioning animated objects is a breeze with animation guides, helping you achieve precise movements in your creations.
  • Frame Manipulation: You can copy, paste, cut, and insert frames at any position within your animation, offering you unparalleled control over your project's flow.
  • Interactive Timeline: The interactive timeline keeps you on track, even when working with hundreds of frames, ensuring you never lose your place in your animation.
  • Creative Freedom: Choose from a vast selection of unique titles, credits, and text cards, or create your own using the built-in editor. Customize your animations further with various video filters, foregrounds, backgrounds, aspect ratios, and fade effects.
  • Audio Enhancements: Add depth to your animations by creating a soundtrack with built-in music, sound effects, songs from your music library, or narration.
  • Capture Like a Pro: Capture frames with precision using adjustable time intervals, full camera control (including white balance, focus, exposure, ISO, and shutter speed), and even the option to use a second device as a remote camera.
  • Layer-Based Image Editor: The app includes a powerful image editor with features like text and speech bubble addition, facial expressions for figures, touch-up and enhancement tools, an eraser for unwanted objects, and frame merging to simulate fast movement.
  • Share Your Creations: After creating your masterpiece, easily save it to your photo library, share it on YouTube in high-quality formats (4K or 1080p), or export it as an animated GIF. You can save all images for further processing and transfer projects between devices using Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Seamless Transition: Begin creating on your mobile device and continue your work seamlessly on your desktop computer.

System Requirements

  • Android 6.0+


It is a creative powerhouse that empowers users of all skill levels to craft captivating stop-motion animations. Its user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and seamless device integration make it a top choice for animation enthusiasts. Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker or want to have fun experimenting with animation, this app is your ticket to unlocking your creative potential. Download Stop Motion Studio Pro today and embark on a journey of animation and storytelling that knows no bounds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use my images and photos in my animations?
A: You can import photos from your photo library into your movie, allowing you to use your images as part of your stop-motion animations.

Q: Can I use external cameras with the app?
A: The app supports external cameras through USB OTG (On-The-Go) connections, providing even greater flexibility in your animation setup.

Q: Is there a community or tutorials for beginners?
A: Stop Motion Studio Pro has an active online community where users can share their work and seek advice. You can also find tutorials and guides to help you get started.

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