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Free Download Square KWGT 11.1 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Smartphones and Tablets.


Free Download Square KWGT Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a beautiful, classy & fully customizable widget pack.

Overview of Square KWGT Pro APK for Android

Square KWGT by Raj Arya Designs stands out in Android customization as a powerful and versatile tool. With its wide range of widgets, stunning designs, and user-friendly interface, Square KWGT allows Android users to personalize their devices like never before. Whether you want to revamp your home screen or add functional widgets to your lock screen, Square KWGT has covered you. Let's explore the features, system requirements, and frequently asked questions about this popular Android customization app.

Features of the App

  • Extensive Widget Collection: Square KWGT offers a vast collection of beautifully crafted widgets for your Android device. From minimalistic clocks and weather widgets to music controls and calendar displays, the app provides diverse widgets to suit every style and preference.
  • Customization Options: Unleash your creativity with Square KWGT's extensive customization options. You can tweak widgets' colors, fonts, sizes, and shapes to match your aesthetic. The app also allows you to adjust transparency, add shadows, and apply animations to create eye-catching and dynamic widget designs.
  • Pre-designed Templates: Don't have the time to create widgets from scratch? Square KWGT offers pre-designed templates that you can easily import and customize. These templates serve as a great starting point and enable you to achieve a personalized look for your Android device quickly.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Square KWGT boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for beginners and advanced users. The app's intuitive controls and drag-and-drop functionality allow you to create and modify widgets effortlessly. The real-time preview feature lets you see your changes before finalizing your designs.
  • Integration with KWGT Pro: Square KWGT is designed to work seamlessly with KWGT Pro, an essential companion app. KWGT Pro unlocks additional features and functionality within Square KWGT, allowing you to fully utilize the app's potential and enjoy a more enhanced customization experience.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0+

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I share my widget designs with others?
A: Square KWGT allows you to export widget designs as ".kwgt" files. You can share these files with other Square KWGT users, who can import them into the app and apply your designs to their devices.

Q: Are there regular updates for Square KWGT?
A: Yes, Raj Arya Designs regularly releases updates for Square KWGT, introducing new widgets, features, and improvements. It is recommended to keep the app updated to access the latest enhancements.


Square KWGT by Raj Arya Designs is a must-have app for Android users who want to take their device customization to the next level. With its extensive widget collection, customization options, pre-designed templates, and user-friendly interface, Square KWGT empowers users to transform their Android devices into personalized and visually stunning creations. Integrating with KWGT Pro further expands the app's capabilities, enabling users to unlock advanced features and enhance their customization experience.

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