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Free Download Smart WiFi Selector Pro MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK. Automatically connect the strongest Wifi connection .

Free Download Smart WiFi Selector: connects to strongest WiFi 2 Pro/Premium MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, It will automatically connect the strongest Wifi connection.

Overview of Smart WiFi Selector 2 Pro APK for Android

This application - always the strongest WiFi connection. You know the problem, although a strong WiFi signal is available nearby, your device is keeping the connection to a much weaker, more distant WiFi network.

You have to disable and reenable WiFi on your device to force the strongest WiFi connection. This app puts an end to this situation. The strongest WiFi connection will always be established automatically.

Features of the App

  • It uses the (selectable) difference in signal strenght to decide when to switch to another WiFi. The connection to the new WiFi will happen if the signal is e.g. 20% stronger than the current signal. This eliminates the constant switching - and, with this, constant signal interruption - in the overlapping area of 2 WiFi networks
  • Selectable scan interval for the search for the strongest WiFi connection
  • Different scan interval for "screen off" possible. In most cases, a bigger interval - which saves battery - will suffice when the screen is turned off
  • It's possible to exclude specific WiFi networks from scan
  • Instant scan for the strongest WiFi connection when the screen gets switched on
  • Sleep mode with own scan intervals to save battery. The sleep mode can either be triggered by time or by the connection to specific WiFi networks. For example, if there are multiple WiFi networks at work, but only a single network at home, you may want to put your home network on the sleep mode list. As soon as you leave your home network, It will enter the normal work mode
  • It's possible to completely stop the scan for the strongest WiFi connection in sleep mode and/or when screen is turned off maximum power saving


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