Slow Motion Video FX-camera 1.4.19

Free Download Slow Motion Video FX-camera Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This app for Android emerges as powerful as it allows you to easily create stunning slow-motion videos, unlocking a new dimension of creativity.

Overview of Slow Motion Video FX-camera Premium APK for Android

It is a user-friendly Android app that transforms ordinary videos into cinematic masterpieces. It lets you control the speed of your videos, adding drama and emotion to your content. Whether you want to capture the grace of a dance or the intensity of a sports moment, this app has you covered.

Features of the App

Variable Speed Control

It offers precise control over the speed of your videos. You can slow down or speed up specific sections, allowing creative storytelling.

Intuitive Editing Tools

The app's user-friendly interface makes video editing a breeze. You can easily select the portions of your video you want to slow down, making the process simple and efficient.

High-Quality Output

Despite the alterations in speed, this app maintains the video's quality, ensuring that your slow-motion footage looks stunning and professional.

Instant Preview

Preview your edited video in real-time, allowing you to fine-tune your slow-motion effects until you achieve the desired result.

Share with Ease

Once you've created your masterpiece, share it directly from the app to social media platforms or messaging apps, impressing your friends and followers.

MOD Version for an Ad-Free Experience

Download the MOD version of this app to enjoy an ad-free editing experience. No interruptions, just pure creativity.

System Requirements

  •  Android 5.0+


Slow Motion Video FX camera is a game-changer for anyone who wants to add a touch of cinematic magic to their videos. Its variable speed control, intuitive editing tools, and high-quality output make it a must-have app for Android users seeking to capture and share memorable moments.


Q: Can I directly share my slow-motion videos on social media from the app?
A: It lets you easily share edited videos on social media platforms and messaging apps.

Q: How much storage space is required for the app?
A: You'll need approximately 30MB of free storage space on your device to install a slow-motion video FX camera.

Q: Is this app suitable for creating professional slow-motion videos?
A: This app offers high-quality output, making it suitable for casual and professional use.

Q: Can I speed up videos and slow them down with this app?
A: It allows you to control the speed of your videos, both slowing them down and speeding them up for creative effects.


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