Sleep as Android – Smart alarm v20221101

Free Download Sleep as Android: Smart alarm Unlocked MOD Version Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an intelligent alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking.

Overview of Sleep as Android Unlocked APK for Android

Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in the optimal moment for pleasant mornings.

Features of the App

  • Sleep cycle tracking with intelligent wake-up uses your phone's or wearable sensors (2 weeks trial)
  • Optional Pebble, Android Wear, or Galaxy Gear smart watch tracking
  • Google Fit, S Health integration
  • Intelligent bulb control with Philips HUE
  • Sleep deficit, deep sleep, and snoring statistics
  • Facebook, Twitter sharing
  • Gentle volume nature sound alarms (birds, sea, storm) and playlists
  • Nature sound lullabies (whales, storm, sea, chants) with binaural tones for fast falling asleep
  • Spotify integration or online radio alarms, or lullabies
  • Never oversleep again with CAPTCHA wake up verification (Math, Sheep counting, Phone shaking, Bathroom QR code or NFC tag)
  • Sleep talk recording, snoring detection and anti-snoring
  • Jet lag prevention
  • Oximetric Sleep Apnea pre-screening

previous version

Additional info
Oct 7th 2022
File Name: Sleep as Android - Smart alarm v20220830 build 22722 Final
Version: 20220830 build 22722
License: Full_version
Sep 28th 2022
File Name: Sleep as Android - Smart alarm v20220830 build 22716 Final
Version: 20220830 build 22716
License: Full_version


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