Silent Camera [High Quality] 8.11.3

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Free download Silent Camera [High Quality] 8.11.3 Premium MOD Ad-Free APK for Android. Ultimate tool to capture moments that demand silence.

Free Download Silent Camera - High-Quality Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It enables you to Capture moments in perfect silence with exceptional image quality.

Overview of Silent Camera - High-Quality Premium APK for Android

It is more than just another silent camera app for Android; it is a superior tool for capturing high-quality images without the bothersome shutter sound. It addresses smartphone photographers' common predicaments and ensures that your photos maintain the highest quality while operating in complete silence.

Features of the App

  • High-Quality Images: This application is renowned for producing images of exceptional quality, making it a top choice among silent camera apps.
  • High-Speed Continuous Shooting: Capture fast-paced action or a sequence of moments effortlessly.
  • Timer Shooting: Perfect for setting up shots in advance or taking group photos without a third-party photographer.
  • Zoom: Get closer to the action without compromising on image quality.
  • Auto Focus / Manual Focus: Choose your focus method to ensure sharp, crisp shots.
  • Scene Selection: Tailor the camera settings to match the scene you photograph.
  • White Balance: Achieve accurate color representation in different lighting conditions.
  • Color Effect: Add artistic flair to your photos with various color effects.
  • Composition Guide: Enhance your photography skills with built-in composition guides.
  • Touch Shutter: Tap to focus and capture photos instantly.
  • Geo-Tag: Automatically add location information to your photos.
  • Image Size Selection: Choose from various resolutions to suit your needs.
  • Volume Key Shutter: Use the volume keys as a shutter button for more discreet shooting.
  • Photo Editor & Dramatic Filter: Edit your photos and apply dramatic filters within the app for a personalized touch.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0+


It is a versatile and user-friendly Android application that delivers high-quality images while remaining discreet in quiet settings. Whether you are a parent capturing the serene moments of your sleeping baby, a pet lover documenting your furry friend's natural expressions, or a student wanting to photograph the classroom without disturbing others, this app is designed to meet your needs. With an array of advanced features, including high-speed continuous shooting, timer options, and photo editing capabilities, it offers much more than silence. Embrace this silent camera to create memorable and exquisite photographs without intruding on the moment's tranquility. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is my privacy and data secure when using the app?
A1. Yes, the app respects user privacy and does not collect or share personal data. It operates as a camera app and does not require access to your personal information.

Q2. How do I turn off the shutter sound on my device when using it?
A2. The app automatically mutes the shutter sound. However, on some devices, the shutter sound may be controlled by the device's settings. You may need to check and adjust your device's sound settings to ensure complete silence.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Silent Camera [High Quality] v8.11.2
File Name:Silent Camera [High Quality] v8.11.1
File Name:Silent Camera [High Quality] v8.11.0
File Name:Silent Camera [High Quality] v8.10.8


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