Show Translate: Photo, Picture & Camera Translator v1.0.1

Free Download Show Translate: Photo, Picture & Camera Translator Pro/Premium MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, It can translate any text by just taking photo of any language.

Overview of Show Translate Pro APK for Android

Tired of copying and entering text into the translator? Or even typing unknown text manually if you only have a photo of the text for translation and there is no electronic version of it? It doesn't matter; our scan application will solve your problems. After all, with us you can translate any text by just taking a photo of it with the camera of your gadget.

This app is for smartphones and tablets based on Android is a real salvation if you need to translate some text, but you do not have an electronic format, or you are just too lazy to copy long sentences into the translator. Just open our application, take a photo of the desired text for translation in one click and enjoy the result.

The application can translate the text you need into any language, because it supports all available languages of the world. With intelligent OCR functions, you can translate any text from a picture as if it were translated by a professional translator. Only high-quality translation, natural language and complete absence of the need to write text by hand.

Features of the App

  • Translation history. You will not lose a single translated word, because we keep everything
  • The ability to translate from a photo using the camera of your smartphone or tablet
  • The ability to translate from any image or picture in your gallery or from Google
  • Support for more than 50 languages of different countries of the world, including popular ones, such as English, Spanish, Italian and so on
  • Support for non-Latin and hard-to-recognize languages, for example, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and so on


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