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Free Download Shopping List - Simple & Easy Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is the perfect solution for those seeking a no-frills, straightforward shopping list experience.

Overview of Shopping List - Simple & Easy Pro APK for Android

It is a minimalist yet highly efficient Android app that simplifies your shopping experience. It allows you to create multiple lists, making it easy to organize your shopping needs. This app covers whether you're heading to the grocery store, hardware store, or other shop.

Features of the App

  • Create Multiple Lists: With a simple tap on the plus sign, you can instantly create a new shopping list. This feature makes it convenient to separate your shopping needs by store or category.
  • Intuitive Item Entry: Entering items to buy is a breeze – type them in the yellow text box. The straightforward interface ensures you can quickly add all necessary items without hassle.
  • Easy Item Management: Checking off items from your list is as simple as tapping on them. This user-friendly design keeps you focused on your shopping tasks without distractions.
  • Reusable Lists: You can reuse your lists for subsequent shopping trips. For example, if you create a grocery list for your local store, you don't have to recreate it each time you shop. Just make it once, and then check and uncheck items as needed. Your list will always be tailored to your preferences.
  • Declutter with Ease: Use the trash icon to clean your list and remove crossed-off items. It keeps your list organized and ready for future use.
  • Add Emojis: Want to add a fun touch to your lists? You can insert emojis using the built-in function of your keyboard. This can be handy for highlighting specific items or adding a personal touch to your lists.
  • Alphabetical Sorting: The app lets you sort your lists alphabetically, making it easier to find items quickly, especially on longer lists.
  • Real-Time Sync: One of the standout features is its real-time synchronization across multiple devices. You can access and update your lists seamlessly using a smartphone or tablet.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0+


It is a straightforward and effective solution for your shopping list needs on Android. Its user-friendly design, reusable lists, and real-time sync make it a practical choice for anyone who wants a no-nonsense shopping list app. Whether planning your weekly grocery shopping or making a checklist for various stores, this app will surely streamline your shopping experience. Give it a try and simplify your shopping lists today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q Can I export or back up my shopping lists for safekeeping?
A. The app typically allows you to export your shopping lists, making it easy to back up your data. Check the app's settings or user guide to learn how to export your lists, which you can then save to your device or cloud storage for safekeeping.

Previous version

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File Name:Shopping List - Simple & Easy v2.88
File Name:Shopping List - Simple & Easy v2.85


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