Screen Master Pro

Free Download Screen Master Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an easy-to-use, no rooting required screenshot & image markup tool.

Overview of Screen Master Pro APK for Android

This ultimate tool lets you easily capture your screen, edit your screenshots, and share them. It also provides a variety of annotation features such as crop, add text, pixelated image, draw arrow, rect, circle, and so on.

Features of Screen Master Pro

  • You can capture high-quality screenshots with a resolution of up to 4k. This means you can capture every detail of your screen, making it perfect for presentations, tutorials, and other purposes.
  • You can edit and annotate it with ease. Screen Master Pro for Android has a built-in editor that lets you crop, resize, and add text, arrows, and other elements to your screenshots.
  • It offers multiple capture modes, including full-screen, customized screen, and scrolling capture. This makes it easy to capture any part of your screen, regardless of size.
  • Once you have captured and edited your screenshot, you can share it instantly on social media platforms or via email. This feature saves you time and makes sharing your work with others easy.


Q: Can I capture videos with it?
A: No, it is a screen capture tool that only captures static screenshots.

Q: Can I edit my screenshots after I have saved them?
A: Yes, it lets you edit your screenshots even after you have saved them.

Q: Can I use it on my tablet?
A: Yes, it is compatible with both smartphones and tablets.


This ultimate tool offers high-quality screenshots, editing, and instant sharing. Its multiple capture modes and editing options make it easy to capture any part of your screen and customize it to your liking.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Screen Master - Screenshot Markup v1.8.0.18
File Name:Screen Master Pro v1.8.0.14


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