SailformsPlus Forms Database v2.0.27c

Free Download SailformsPlus Forms Database Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a powerful but easy-to-use Personal Database.

Overview of SailformsPlus Forms Database Pro APK for Android

This is a powerful but easy-to-use Personal Database app. It comes preloaded with forms you can use and modify. You can customize the sample forms or create your forms from scratch.

Its easy form layout lets you build functional and attractive entry forms. You can save text, Notes, Numbers, Dates, Times, or Checkboxes and create Listboxes for Text and Numbers.

You can add calculations with the Number, Date, and Time entry fields. Listing and sorting your list is automatic. You can graph your numeric entries, secure your forms with passwords and backup, and restore your database to your external SDCard.

Features of the App

  • Easy Form Layout
  • Autocomplete Text Entry
  • Number, Date, and Time Math
  • Pictures and Camera
  • Graphical List Charting
  • Data Entry with Popup Calendar
  • Time Entry with Popup Timewheels
  • Fixed and Float decimals
  • Colored Sizable Text Labels
  • Backup and Restore to SDCard
  • Custom List Reporting and Sorting
  • List Totaling and Subtotaling
  • Organize Forms into Groups
  • Secure Password Groups
  • Portrait and Landscape Layout


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