Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam 1.6.8

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Free download Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam 1.6.8 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. Turn your device into an 80s VHS cam.

Free Download Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It transforms your device into a time-traveling VHS camcorder, allowing you to create authentic, nostalgic videos reminiscent of the 80s.

Overview of Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam Pro APK for Android

It's 1984, and you've just stumbled upon a VHS camcorder! With this app, you can recreate the magic of old, slightly distorted retro videos that will leave your friends questioning whether you've built a time machine. This app allows you to customize your videos with on-screen date changes, flashing custom titles, glitch effects achieved by shaking your device, and a zoom lens feature to highlight those cringe-worthy but memorable moments.

Features of the App

  • Best Throwback Videos Ever: Transform your recordings into authentic VHS-style gems.
  • Childhood Reminiscence: Recreate the look of your childhood home videos for your kids.
  • Time Machine Illusion: Impress others by convincing them you've mastered time travel with the app's realistic effects.
  • The Ultimate VHS App: Capture the essence of your 80s and 90s-themed parties like never before.
  • Rad School Play Recordings: Make even the most mundane school plays incredibly rad and entertaining.
  • Dynamic Filters: Dive deeper into nostalgia with an array of dynamic filters, allowing you to customize your retro videos' color palette and overall visual aesthetics.
  • Cinematic Soundtrack: Enhance the authenticity of your throwback videos with the option to overlay them with a curated selection of cinematic soundtracks, capturing the essence of classic 80s and 90s vibes.
  • Instant Playback Effects: Preview your recorded footage with instant playback effects, ensuring that every glitch, date change, and zoom lens feature aligns perfectly with your vision before sharing your retro creations.
  • Social Media Integration: Seamlessly share your vintage masterpieces directly from the app on various social media platforms, connecting with a community of fellow nostalgia enthusiasts.
  • Customizable Title Fonts: Take personalization to the next level by choosing from a selection of customizable title fonts, allowing you to add a personalized touch to your retro videos with distinct and flashy titles.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0+


In a world where technology continues to advance, this app stands out as a unique app that bridges the gap between the past and present. Whether you're creating videos for personal enjoyment or to impress your friends with a blast from the past, this app delivers a genuine VHS experience. Join the ranks of celebrities and influencers who have embraced the retro charm of this app, and start crafting your nostalgic masterpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I share my VHS videos on social media?
A: Absolutely! It allows seamless sharing on popular social media platforms, letting you showcase your retro creations to the world.

Q: Can I customize the date on the videos to create a specific nostalgic atmosphere?
A: Yes, it allows you to change the on-screen date, letting you curate the perfect throwback ambiance for your videos.

Q: How realistic are the glitch effects, and can I control their intensity?
A: The glitch effects are remarkably authentic, and you have control over their intensity. Shake your device to glitch up the picture, adding that genuine retro touch to your recordings.


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