PPM Commander – GPS status v2.8.2.3

Free Download PPM Commander - GPS status Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It helps users interact more comfortably and productively with various devices transmitting a GPS signal.

Overview of PPM Commander - GPS status Pro APK for Android

The app is utterly free except for the NTRIP-RTCM feature. You can view received RTCM message types and coordinate projection parameters of the RTK data on the RTCM monitor page.

Additionally, you can set a fixed offset to the transformation to further improve the calculated local coordinate. If you allow mock locations in the developer options of your android device, you can use the position of the external receiver in any application. The preferred way to process the external GPS position in other apps without "mock locations" is by implementing a simple ContentObserver.

Features of the App

  • GPS Status
  • Satellite list & Sky-Plot with subsystems like GPS, Glonass, or Galileo
  • Coordinate-Transformation into the local coordinate system
  • Mock location provider (e.g., use your external device for navigation)
  • Log all received NMEA data
  • RTK correction data over the internet (NTRIP client)
  • RTCM monitor
  • Android "content provider" feature to access all status data


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