Power Audio Equalizer FX 1.1.4 Build 31

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Free download Power Audio Equalizer FX 1.1.4 Build 31 Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. A great choice to boost volume.


Free Download Power Audio Equalizer FX Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a great choice to boost volume and improve sound quality with high-quality audio effects that work with music players and audio playback to get the best sound out of your Android device.

Overview of Power Audio Equalizer FX Pro APK for Android

This app uses a robust sound engine, delivering remarkable audio effects seamlessly integrating with your music players and audio playback apps. Whether you're listening through your device's speakers or headphones, Power Audio Equalizer FX ensures you get the best sound quality.

Features of Power Audio Equalizer FX

Easy to Use, Musical EQ

One of the standout features is its simplicity. The app offers an intuitive interface that lets you easily adjust your sound settings. Powered by the sound engine of RE Equalizer, Power Audio Equalizer FX provides top-notch audio results. You can now enjoy your favorite songs with exceptional sound clarity by pairing this app with your preferred music and audio apps.

Amplify Your Sound

The app features a powerful 10-Band equalizer with a bass booster, volume amplifier, and sound balance settings. This combination allows for precise sound adjustments, giving you full control over your audio output. Whether you're a bass enthusiast or looking for a well-balanced sound, Power Audio Equalizer FX offers the tools to fine-tune your listening experience.

Wide App Compatibility

Power Audio Equalizer FX works seamlessly with popular music and audio apps like Youtube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, and more.

Global Audio Enhancement

It can enhance system-wide audio output, ensuring all sound effects are compatible.

Advanced Equalizer

The optimized DSP includes a 10-Band equalizer with a +/- 15dB boost/cut range and adjustable power levels.

Volume Boost

The pre-amp power amplifier effect provides an optional volume boost of up to 45dB, ensuring your music is never too quiet.

Compressor for Audio Dynamics

This feature helps balance out audio dynamics for a smoother listening experience.

Enhanced Bass

Enjoy deeper bass with the bass boost feature and virtual surround settings for up to 10dB adjustment.

Loudness Enhancer

Make your music stand out with the loudness enhancer effect.

Sound Balance Control

Adjust the volume balance between left and right stereo outputs according to your preference.

Visual Enhancement

The high-quality music visualizer displays real-time Peak and RMS values for a more engaging experience.

Customizable Presets

Choose from various equalizer presets such as Flat, Rock, Pop, Dance, Classic, HipHop, and Acoustic.

Wide Device Compatibility

The app works with various audio devices, including headphones, headsets, speakers, and Bluetooth sound systems.


Power Audio Equalizer FX revolutionizes your Android audio experience by delivering exceptional sound quality and boosting volume. It's user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a must-have app for music lovers who want to make the most of their listening sessions. Whether you're tweaking the sound balance, enhancing bass, or customizing presets, this app empowers you to personalize your audio perfectly.


Q: Can I use it with different music apps?
A: This app works seamlessly with various music and audio apps, including Youtube Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

Q: Does the app support Bluetooth audio devices?
A: It is compatible with various audio devices, including headphones, headsets, speakers, and Bluetooth sound systems.

Q: How does the loudness enhancer effect work?
A: The loudness enhancer effect in Power Audio Equalizer FX boosts the perceived volume of your music, making it stand out and sound more impactful.

Q: Can I customize the equalizer settings?
A: The app offers customizable equalizer presets, allowing you to choose settings that suit your preferred music genres.

Q: Does Power Audio Equalizer FX receive updates?
A: The app receives regular updates to ensure optimal performance and user support.

Q: Is the app easy to use for beginners?
A: It features an intuitive interface that makes it user-friendly for all levels of users.


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