Positional – Your Location Info v163

Free Download Positional: Your Location Info (GPS and Tools) Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a location-based app that utilizes the phone's GPS hardware.

Overview of Positional Pro APK for Android

This location-based app utilizes the phone's GPS hardware and fetches various details of the current latitude and longitude data like Altitude, Speed, Address, and other information. It shows it in an easily understandable format to the user.

It provides a separate panel for Compass, Level, Trail, and Clock, serving their purpose, as the name suggests. It also provides another layer of carefully handcrafted minimal designs that enjoyably organizes every piece of information with unique and beautiful physics-based animations.

Its interface is customized entirely independently of the native APIs. Everything is created from scratch to give the app a unique design structure and add many features without too much device memory, making the whole app very lightweight.

Features of the App

  • Easy to use
  • Smooth, with fluid animations
  • Minimal UI
  • Many Accent Colors
  • Customizable with various options to choose from
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Compass Sensor Speed
  • Compass Physics properties
  • Compass bloom
  • Gimbal lock
  • Minimal Map (with and without labels)
  • Dark mode for maps
  • High contrast map
  • Satellite map
  • Many pin styles for the entire app
  • Media keys support map
  • GPS information
  • Speedometer
  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • Displacement
  • Address of the current location
  • UTM, MGRS coordinates formatting
  • DMS coordinates support
  • Movement direction
  • Clock
  • Clock motion types (both linear and inertia-induced motion)
  • Clock needle styles
  • Custom timezone support
  • UTC and Local Time references
  • Sun Position/Location
  • Sun Azimuth
  • Sun Distance and Sun Altitude
  • Sunset and Sunrise time
  • Astronomical, Nautical, Civil twilight
  • Moon Position/Location
  • Moonrise and Moon set time
  • Moon Altitude
  • Moon Phases
  • Moon Angle and Fraction
  • Moon states (Waning and Waxing)
  • Upcoming moon dates, i.e., New Moon, Full Moon, Third and First Quarter
  • Moon Illumination
  • Dark Mode
  • Level
  • Custom location mode for manually fetching information from any part of the world
  • Sun time widget
  • Sun time widget with art
  • Moon phases
  • Trail marker
  • Travel journal based on marked trails
  • Completely Ad-Free

previous version

Additional info
Sep 21st 2022
File Name: Positional - Your Location Info v161
Version: 161
License: Full_version
Jul 10th 2022
File Name: Positional - GPS and Tools v160
Version: 160
License: Full_version


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