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Free download Picture Insect: Bug Identifier 2.8.26 MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android. MOD APK (Premium Unlocked).


Free Download Picture Insect: Bug Identifier Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This app is your essential companion for exploring the fascinating world of insects. It is an easy-to-use insect identifier tool that utilizes AI technology. Please take a photo of an insect or upload one from your phone gallery, and the app will tell you all about it in a second.

Overview of Picture Insect: Bug Identifier Premium APK for Android

This app is designed for Android users who are curious about the insects they encounter. It simplifies identifying bugs by allowing users to take pictures and receive detailed information about the insect, whether you're a nature enthusiast, a student, or simply someone intrigued by the insect kingdom.

Features of the App

Instant Bug Identification

This app offers quick and accurate bug identification. Please take a photo of the insect you want to identify, and the app will use its advanced algorithms to provide you with information about the species, including its common name, scientific name, and habitat.

Extensive Bug Database

The app boasts a vast database of insects, covering a wide range of species worldwide. You'll be amazed at the wealth of information available at your fingertips.

Educational Insights

It not only identifies bugs but also offers educational insights about them. Learn about their behavior, diet, life cycle, and more. It's like having a naturalist in your pocket.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating through it is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. You don't need to be a bug expert to use this app effectively.

Offline Access

You can use it without an internet connection, making it a valuable tool for outdoor enthusiasts exploring remote areas.

Ad-Free Experience

Enjoy an ad-free experience using it, ensuring your focus remains on discovering the insect world.

System Requirements

  • Android 4.4 +

Step 1: Download and Install

Search for the app name. Click on the app and tap the download button. Wait for the installation to complete.

Step 2: Launch the App

Once the installation is finished, tap the Open button to launch it.

Step 3: Take a Photo

When you encounter an insect you want to identify, open it and tap the camera icon to take a photo of the insect. Ensure that the insect is well-lit and in focus for the best results.

Step 4: Analyze the Photo

After taking the photo, it will analyze it using its powerful algorithms. This may take a few seconds.

Step 5: Review the Identification

Once the analysis is complete, the app will provide information about your captured insect. This information may include the insect's common name, scientific name, habitat, behavior, etc.

Step 6: Explore Educational Insights

In addition to identification, you can explore educational insights about the insect. Swipe through the app to learn more about the insect's diet, life cycle, and other fascinating facts.

Step 7: Save and Share

If you want to keep a record of the insects you've identified, you can save the information or share it with friends and fellow bug enthusiasts.

Step 8: Use Offline

It can be used offline, making it a valuable tool for bug identification during hikes, camping trips, or in areas with limited internet access.


This app is a game-changer for anyone interested in exploring and understanding the insect kingdom. Its instant bug identification, extensive database, educational insights, user-friendly interface, offline access, and ad-free experience makes it the perfect app to satisfy your curiosity about the tiny creatures around you.


Q: How accurate is the bug identification in it?
A: It utilizes advanced algorithms and a vast database for accurate bug identification. However, cross-referencing the information for critical applications is always a good idea.

Q: Can I use it in areas with no internet connection?
A: You can use it offline, making it a handy tool for nature enthusiasts exploring remote locations.

Q: Is it suitable for kids and students interested in insects?
A: Its user-friendly interface and educational insights make it an excellent resource for kids and students eager to learn about insects.

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