Personal Finance – Money manager, Expense tracker v2.8.1

Free Download Personal Finance 2 Pro MOD Version Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, it will allows you to keep track of expenses.

Overview of Personal Finance APK for Android

This application allows you to keep track of expenses. Identify weaknesses and strengths in their personal finances, optimize costs, increase revenues, improve monthly balance. If You do not know where the money disappears, then Personal Finance will help with the effective management of Your expenses. This is an extremely simple but very effective cost accounting application.

Features of the app

  • You can create and manage accounts in different currencies. You can monitor total values of all accounts and articles in one, base currency.
  • You can create more accounts. You can create and manage accounts as many as you want. And you can assign any available currencies.
  • You can add more new articles. You can create new income and outcome articles. And use any available icons for them.
  • You can create and use any number of budgets. This allows You to control Your finances more effectively.
  • Full functionality. You can create and manage any number of parsing rules for sms processing. This will allow you not to be distracted by manual data entry. Bank transactions will be created automatically in the application.
  • You can scan QR barcode from Your cash voucher. This allows you to enter new outcomes more faster and conveniently for Your. You can make an expense directly in the store by simply scanning the cashier's check.


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