PCAPdroid - network monitor 1.7.2


Free Download PCAPdroid Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It empowers users to monitor, analyze, and control network connections on their devices. Features such as traffic logging, metadata extraction, and HTTPS decryption ensure privacy and security while providing valuable insights into network activities.

Overview of PCAPdroid Premium APK for Android

It serves as a virtual private network (VPN) to capture network traffic without requiring root access. Unlike traditional VPN services that route data through remote servers, It processes all data locally on your device, safeguarding your privacy while providing valuable insights into network activities.

Features of the App

  • Log and Examine Connections: Monitor user and system app connections to identify suspicious activities.
  • Extract Metadata: Retrieve essential information such as Server Name Indication (SNI), DNS queries, HTTP URLs, and remote IP addresses.
  • Inspect HTTP Requests: Analyze HTTP requests and responses using built-in decoders for enhanced visibility.
  • View Connection Payload: View connection payloads in hex dump or text format and export them for further analysis.
  • Decrypt HTTPS/TLS Traffic: Decrypt encrypted traffic to understand network activities better and export the SSLKEYLOGFILE for analysis.
  • Export Traffic to PCAP: You can save network traffic to a PCAP file, download it via a browser, or stream it for real-time analysis using tools like Wireshark.
  • Create Filtering Rules: Establish rules to filter legitimate traffic and quickly identify anomalies or suspicious connections.
  • Identify Server Information: Use offline database lookups to determine the remote servers' country and Autonomous System Number (ASN).
  • Capture Traffic on Rooted Devices: On rooted devices, capture network traffic even while other VPN apps are active.

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0+


It offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking greater control and visibility over their network connections on devices. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features empower users to safeguard their privacy and security while gaining valuable insights into network activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can it capture network traffic without root access?
A: Yes, It simulates a VPN to capture network traffic locally on the device, eliminating the need for root access.

Q: Is it open-source?
A: it is an open-source app that ensures transparency and trustworthiness.

Q: Can I analyze HTTPS/TLS encrypted traffic with this?
A: It allows you to decrypt HTTPS/TLS traffic for in-depth analysis and export SSLKEYLOGFILE for further examination.

Q: How can I export network traffic captured by the app?
A: You can export captured traffic to a PCAP file, download it via a browser, or stream it to remote receivers for real-time analysis.

Q: Does it support filtering rules?
A: It enables users to create filtering rules to distinguish between legitimate traffic and potential threats.


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